AFC currently has twenty-five (25) shareholders. In accordance with the terms of the AFC Charter, the private sector owns about 58% of AFC’s share capital (with African financial institutions collectively holding about 44% and industrial groups and corporations holding the balance of about 14%) while the remaining 42% of the share capital is owned by the Central Bank of Nigeria. As of 31 December 2015, AFC’s authorised share capital consisted of US$2.0 billion of ordinary shares, out of which US$1.1 billion was called up, issued, fully paid, and are not subject to calls for additional payments of any kind.  

The minimum amount of subscription for AFC shares is 50,000 units of shares. There is only one class of shareholder. The rights and obligations of AFC's shareholders are as stipulated in the AFC Establishment Agreement and AFC Charter. All AFC shareholders have the same rights, including entitlement to attend General Meetings, vote, and receive dividend payments based on their pro-rata shareholding. Shareholders who subscribe and pay for at least 50 million shares are entitled to nominate a Director, through the Board Nomination and Governance Committee (BNGC), on to the Board of Directors of AFC. 

Further information on investing in the Corporation is available upon the submission of a non-binding expression of interest letter to invest in AFC.

pdf-icon-(1).png AFC Investor Presentation