Treasury client solutions

Offering over-the-counter hedging and structured financing solutions to help clients manage their interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity price risks, and liquidity positions

Why hedge with AFC?

Access to Superior Pricing

AFC’s A3 rating allows clients to access hedging instruments in larger volumes, with longer maturities and at lower costs than they would secure on their own.

Wholesome Execution Experience

AFC conducts a suitability assessment on requests for hedge products to ensure appropriateness of the hedge product for its intended use. Our hedging products and delivery are administratively simple and provide clients with improved knowledge capacity of derivatives instruments, pricing techniques and execution.

Preservation of Credit Lines with Private Sector Institutions

We act as an intermediary to global financial markets. Clients can leverage our relationships with global financial institutions and preserve their credit lines with these institutions.

Our products include

Hedging Products / Solutions

TCS plays a key role in fulfilling AFC’s mandate by offering solutions to clients and project sponsors that aid in de-risking their projects

Structured Financing

Foreign Currency Funding Solutions: AFC offers foreign currency funding to clients looking to diversify their funding sources through well-structured collateralised funding solutions. Our clients have the option to leverage their financial assets including their local currency cash and securities.

Derivatives / Credit Repacks

This includes credit linked notes, credit repacks, insurance wrap, credit enhancement and other risk participation opportunities.

Capacity Building Programme

AFC extends its expertise and experience in financial markets to its clients via training and capacity building programmes covering basic/advanced knowledge and practical application of money market, foreign exchange market and derivatives instruments.

Money Market

Money market instruments are short-term instruments with maturities of one year or less which financial institutions, corporates and governments utilise to access funding to meet their near-term cashflow needs.

Fixed income

Fixed income securities are debt instruments usually with maturities of 2 years and longer for Private Placements notes and 5 years or longer for Eurobonds.

Banji Fehintola – Senior Director, Treasury & Financial Institutions

Banji is a Senior Director and Head of Treasury & Financial Institutions at AFC. He is responsible for managing our balance sheet with total assets of about US$8.7 billion, and also leading the implementation of our annual funding programme in the international loan and debt capital markets.
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