Conventional and Renewable Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission (On-Grid, Off-Grid and Direct-to-Consumer)

Transport & Logistics

Ports, Rail, Roads, Storage/Distribution, Special Economic Zones, Warehouses, Tank Farms, Aviation, Vessels and Maritime, E-Customs/E-Logistics, Border Posts

Heavy Industry, Telecommunications and Technology

Petrochemicals, Base Metals Beneficiation, Gas Processing and Distribution, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Money, Data Centres, Financial Technology, Digital Services (E-commerce, Off-Grid Tech, Agri-Tech, Healthtech, InsurTech), Enterprise Solutions, E-Government Solutions and Fibre Broadband

Natural Resources

Battery/Transition and Precious Metals Mining and Beneificiation, Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Exploration, Production and Processing, Upstream Oil & Gas Infrastructure, Decarbonization, Adaptation Financing, Blue Hydrogen, Oil & Gas Technology Intervention


The World Bank estimates that electricity access in Sub-Saharan Africa is 47% on average as opposed to close to 100% in most of the world.


Heavy industry and Telecommunications

The Heavy industry, telecommunications and technology (HITT) sector provides capital and expertise for the development, expansion and operation of projects and companies that deliver diversification, industrialisation and modernisation benefits for Africa and drive sustainable long-term growth for the continent.

Natural resources

AFC is strategically positioned to maximize value by leveraging its in-house project development capabilities – by providing technical expertise and early-stage capital for high-quality natural resources projects, in addition to supporting advanced-stage projects alongside experienced project sponsors.


Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics infrastructure are a critical part of Africa’s huge infrastructure requirements and hold the key to unlocking Africa’s potential for economic growth through intracontinental and global trade.

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